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See the Possibilities of a Chapter Membership


Why Invest in an RLI Membership?

In addition to the National RLI member benefits you’ll receive, the RLI Georgia Chapter offers another level of benefits for its members.

Local benefits are extremely valuable to those in the land real estate industry. Whether looking for expertise when conducting a transaction, looking to expand your pool of buyers for a property or finding local third-party services on recommendation, the value is limitless.

With your RLI Membership comes exclusive benefits for land agents:

Categories of National Membership

In order to join the RLI Georgia Chapter, you must first become a National RLI member. This will ensure you get full access to RLI’s member benefits as well as stay informed about the latest organizational and industry news.

The REALTORS® Land Institute offers different categories of membership to ensure that each member’s needs are met to the fullest. There are two main membership categories:

  • Accredited Members – those who have earned the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation
  • Non-Accredited Members – those who do not hold the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation
    • Institute Members – those members who do not fall into one of the other Non-Accredited Member categories (below).
    • Military Transition Program (MTP) Members – this program is available to veterans whose service in the military has ended within the last five years and are now looking to build or enhance a career in the land business.
    • Associate Members – those who are industry service providers, partners, and other non-real estate professionals that are engaged in endeavors related to the objectives of RLI but who do not aspire to hold the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation.
    • Student Members – those who are attending high school or an institution of higher education and are interested in the land specialty and a real estate profession but are not yet licensed as real estate practitioners.
    • Emeritus Members – those who have made outstanding contributions of personal time and effort to the Institute at the national or chapter level, have had continuous membership in RLI for at least twenty years, and who are at least seventy years of age.

About Membership