Upcoming Courses & Events

With unparalleled education for land real estate professionals, the REALTORS® Land Institute’s LAND University (LANDU) program offers top-notch educational courses and webinars. While RLI’s Chapters across the country host LANDU courses in-person through out the year, RLI offers a full schedule of courses online each year. Additionally, RLI hosts an annual LANDU Education Week every June which offers the opportunity to complete all education requirements through in-person courses towards the ALC designation in one place; including, the three ALC-required courses and three elective courses.

Online courses are held in two formats: Online Courses have interaction via an online classroom with no scheduled meeting times, however, attendees are required to check-in to the course platform once a week for updates from the instructor; Hybrid Courses have weekly interaction between the instructor and attendees in the form of online webinar meetings. Both types of online courses are instructor led and take place fully during the month they are held unless otherwise noted. For more information about our online courses, please contact the Institute at 800-441-5263 or rli@realtors.org.